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Our lab employs multiple skills including signal processing, machine learning, and decision and control. We also work in the neurophysiological analysis of human emotion and memory, with translational potentials such as closed-loop electrical stimulation to treat neuropsychiatric diseases. The direct recordings from human brains from our lab have provided key insights into the oscillatory mechanisms of language, motor, and cognitive processing, enabling brain machine interface applications. 

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion

While neuroscience is an innovative and rapidly growing field in terms of science, technology, and knowledge, it is not always as progressive when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, a problem pervasive in most fields of academia. 

Our lab seeks to combat this inequality and have a diverse and inclusive environment for our members. We value collaboration from ALL members of our society, no matter their gender, race, and sexuality. We seek to have a supportive culture to help each member of our lab achieve their academic and professional goals.